Hi I am Melanie, an outdoor adventurer, a nature lover, vegetarian and entrepreneur.  I am also an educator,  permaculture enthusiast, herb lover and Qigong instructor.

I was stressed out with my work; working unsociable hours in a business that I hated and my life was unbalanced. Coupled with poisening from a faulty boiler that had an impact on everything – my life almost fell apart. I decided to set an intention for change – use natural healing to get myself well, leave everything and everyone I knew behind me to do what I had always wanted to do, to go traveling, do some voluntary work, see some of the world and instruct others how to do this wonderful qigong practice. Most importantly to reconnect, find balance and be my authentic self. And I achieved that!

What does Seasonal Sage mean?

I named my business Seasonal Sage because once we connect with the wisdom of seasonal living we get in tune again and can live a long prosperous and  happy life.  It was this ideology that became my truth and finally my reality.

What is my blog about?

 My blog is about natural healing modalities such as Qigong & herbs to keep you well, travel and living a brilliant life. Life is an adventure. It is so much more enjoyable when we stay well and  have like minded people to share it with hence why I’d like you to accompany me on my adventures. 

I will be writing about slow living,  and my experience  with permaculture whilst working in an organic plant farm that didn’t quite work out as I had planned – however I had an unplanned adventure from what transpired there.   I will also be covering mindfulness, movement meditation (qigong) and last but not least our best friends herbs. 

I also love going on adventures too to places where I can connect with the natural rhythms of life and I’d like to take you with me so please stay tuned.